The Train Will Win

People don’t seem to understand that trains are thousands of times more massive then their cars and they continue to try and see who will win in a car vs. train competition. The train wins, in this case it was the blue line. Btw has anyone noticed that the Metro Blue Line seats are stained with all types of nasty poop like marks? I haven’t ridding the Blue Line in a few years but I recall it being stinky and dirty probably having to do with the fact that it was the first of the Metro Lines.

2 thoughts on “The Train Will Win”

  1. We’ve had this discussion on before:

    I have to take issue with your rip on the Blue Line, though. I find it hard to reconsile having not ridden the line for a few years and asking if people have noticed “stains” on the seats. I ride the Blue Line regularly and was last on it Monday. On the whole its cars are in no different condition than those of the Green or Gold lines. The cars are older, obviously, but their upkeep is in keeping with how such a busy line should be maintained. -e;

  2. Ok fair enough… When I rode Metrolink to the Red Line to the Blue Line to the Green Line every day back and forth from Riverside to El Segundo for almost 2 years it was always the least clean of all the trains. I am planning on riding the Blue Line to the Green Line and then biking the rest of the way to work in the next few days.

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