My First Fixie Ride

So I’m working from home today and I decided I would take off some time to go get lunch and visit my friend Eric who lives in the car stereo district in Downtown. I rode over to his loft and hung out for a bit and then I rode over to Marukai Market in Little Tokyo to pick up and eat some sushi and onigiri (balls / triangles of rice wrapped in seaweed with a tiny bit of fish inside) and some green tea and aloe drink to wash it down. It was pretty fun dodging cars and I only had to use my front brake once when my toe clip strap popped off. Here is a map of my route.

2 thoughts on “My First Fixie Ride”

  1. listen, dave. we trusted you to work from home, and that means *working* from home, not joy riding and hanging out downtown. we don’t pay you for that.

    come see me in my office first thing tomorrow morning. we really need to talk.

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