Didn’t your mom teach you anything?

On August 15, I became a member of KCRW. I’m not really an NPR person, but once in a while I listen to Morning Becomes Eclectic (mostly because I knew Nic Harcourt a million years ago, back when we both worked at a tiny radio station in upstate New York).

It occurred to me yesterday that it’s two and a half months later, and I still haven’t received any kind of “welcome packet” from them. Today a KCRW envelope came in the mail, and I figured that was it, but no — they just wanted to let me know that if I contributed a few hundred more dollars I could be a KCRW Angel. Asking for more money before they’ve even thanked me for the first donation strikes me as seriously tacky. Anybody know if this is a common practice? Or just bad timing with my subscription?

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  1. I’ve supported KCRW two years running now— both times it has taken FOREVER to get my welcome package. Doesn’t really bother me though. NPR is worth supporting.

  2. I’m not that annoyed about the welcome package taking forever, because I think they mentioned when I subscribed that it can take a while. I just think they should’ve sent that before the follow-up asking for an additional donation.

  3. I’ve subscribed for a few years now. The 5 CD pack premiums were usually well worth it (especially when Garth Trinidad was doing Chocolate City nightly). The people who take your subsciption always let me know that it would take 6-8 weeks to get my premiums and Fringe Benefits card. They weren’t lying. The only problem I’ve had is that I never received a new Fringe Benefits card after subscribing in the winter. I checked with their membership office and supposedly it was re-sent, but I never got it. Oh well.

  4. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve always gotten my welcome package pretty promptly — when I first signed up and every time I’ve renewed. I’d get a postcard within the week after calling that’s supposed to serve as a “temporary” fringe benefits card — then the plastic card with the lil booklet and stuff a couple weeks after that… The CDs are another matter, but they warn you about that —

    Just waiting for some too-cool-for-KCRW hipster nerd to pipe in, saying we has-beens should all be listening to [insert obscure college punk radio station].

  5. Hope your package arrives soon. Unfortunatley you missed the screening of “New York Doll” last night. Great movie about Arthur Killer Kane.
    For just that the money would be worth it.

  6. When I signed up for KCRW I also waited a long time for the info and the card. They never came, so I called and got a promise. Never came. Emailed and eventually it came (around the time it was time to do the annual renewal). We now have a current card, but my request for a second card has gone unfulfilled. I don’t mind too much, just want to add a data point here and say that I support the music and talk shows.

    Don’t care much for NPR anymore since they’ve been appropriated by the RNC and the morning news dweeb is such a lameoid interviewer. I’ve often thought about putting together a mock trophy for “softball interviewer of the year” for Steve Inskeep. His interviewees get to insert so much of their own self-serving marketing and propaganda – even when it is apparent as such and is hurting America (thanks Jon Stewart) but he never calls them on their bullshit. I have largely given up listening to ME due to this guy. What a poor replacement for Bob Edwards.

    (And yes there are some other college radio stations that play great music too. I check with KXLU and KCSN now and then for OTW stuff. I especially like Friday night’s surf music on KCSN. But I’m neither young nor hip.)

  7. Odd that you haven’t gotten anything. My boyfriend signed up and he got his card already and his CDs. Granted he just got his KCRW bag last week but they said they had problems with the supplier.

    You may want to call or email with a gentle reminder regarding your welcome back.

  8. lisa: if memory serves, it takes hella while to get the free shwag. in addition to that, they will send you literature and ask for money as often as they can. you’ve just received the first installment.

    dano: don’t even get me started on bob edwards and steve inskeep. I wrote ridiculously lengthy protest letters to NPR when they gave bobby the axe. I haven’t listened to NPR regularly since, now that I think about it.

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