Cobra Snake Captured

Some would say such front-page, column-one print exposure in today’s L.A. Times for phasion photog / subcultchavultcha Mark “The Cobra Snake” Hunter has left him in need of a life-preserver after so jumping the shark. Personally, I’m just totally envious:

He hangs out with models, DJs, pro skaters, fashion designers, celebrities, rock musicians, the unbearably cool and the painfully fashionable. He wears the most outrageous designer and vintage fashions, which he often gets as gifts. He flies all over the world to attend parties. People, young women especially, recognize him wherever he goes.

And yet Hunter has no car, no steady job, and is barely 20 years old. He gets around on a bike. By his own admission, he is goofy and not exactly physically striking. He points at his wiry beard and the furry paunch of his stomach as evidence.

My kinda hero.

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