Bad News for La Conchita

There’s some less than positive news about our northern neighbors which is being pointed out by Doc Searls. He says:

UCSB geologists say the situation at La Conchita is even worse than it appears. (Though no worse than the terminal diagnosis I gave it in January, after ten beautiful people died there

There is a belief, held by some, that the government can prevent more slides there. I think these geologists make the matter even clearer than a look at the hill would give any objective outsider with a minimal sense of geology: there’s no holding this one back.”

He’s got a big arial photo that he took back in January after the mudslide. It’s seriously time to GTFO of La Conchita folks. Very scary.

One thought on “Bad News for La Conchita”

  1. Did you know that the only reason La Conchita exists at all is that back around the turn of the century, the Southern Pacific got tired of the cliffs at La Conchita collapsing and burying their railroad tracks?

    So they bulldozed out a nice flat bench in front of the cliffs, so that future landslides would land on that bench, and not slide all the way to the ocean, burying their tracks.

    But of course a nice tract of flat land near the ocean is irresistable to developers. The La Conchita Del Mar subdivision was established in 1924, built directly on the bench that was created for landslides to fall on.

    For further deatils, see Assessing Landslide Hazard Over a 130-Year Period for La Conchita, California, an interesting geological history of La Conchita, written prior to the most recent slide.

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