Think globally, fight gridlock locally


A friend of mine just started blogging for the local (L.A. County) edition of a progressive website called Courage Campaign. Headed by the former chair of Dean’s campaign in California, the organization behind the website is looking to implement broad change√≥including an end to traffic gridlock√≥statewide by focusing activity on a local (county) level.

From his email to me:

As I see it, the CC is a very exciting attempt to lay
a foundation for a progressive political movement
that’s visionary and practical at the same time. On
the visionary side, they’ve articulated 6 big dreams
for California. To quote:

1. Create the best public education system in the world.
2. Ensure healthcare for all Californians.
3. Build the world’s most vibrant, prosperous and equitable economy.
4. Make California a national model for energy independence.
5. Preserve California’s priceless environmental heritage for future generations.
6. Construct a transportation system that ends traffic gridlock.

The site is a little buggy here and there and not overflowing with content yet, but there are a few calls to action and some interesting factoids up now (my favorite: “Average peak hour traffic in Los Angeles has increased from 47 hours of delay in 1980 to 136 hours in 2000.”)

If you’re not wild about the current state of affairs, from gnarly traffic to this upcoming special election, Courage Campaign might be a good place to start.