Halloween Peeps

I just realized, with tremendous sadness, that Halloween is just six days away. Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year, and we just got our spooky decorations up this weekend, so the Halloween season will only last a week or so for us.

Just when I was thinking about crying into my Pumpkin Ale, I saw this story from X-Entertainment over at TotalFark:

the peeple behind Peeps have clearly sensed a much older age demographic becoming impossibly interested in their product, because they’re outright catering to us, now. Oh sure, they might pretend that all of these upstart holiday edition Marshmallow Peeps are like Trix cereal in their for-kidness, but there’s no way kids can account for that many varieties of the one and only Peep. Nuh uh. They’re for office eating, for dorm room snacking and for me to fill little chocolate dollhouses with. Agree or disagree, but there’s no denying that Peeps absolutely own the holidays — every last one of them, and Halloween ain’t no exception. We’ve seen plenty of spooky Peeps during the course of X-E, and of course, the bad boys of the marshlands have totally struck again with totally new Halloween Peeps for 2005. And this time, you can fucking paint them.

That’s right, my friends. You can paint punkin-shaped peeps with black icing.

Arriving with a black vial of official Cake MateĆ“ squirty icing stuff, you’re free to turn candy into canvas and make with your inner Michaelangelo. It works pretty well, too — the icing doesn’t drip or smudge much, and assuming you can find inspiration within a pumpkin-shaped Marshmallow Peep, you’re going to be so awesome at this.

Oh. Em. Gee. First thing in the morning, I am driving to the drug store, and I am buying every last one of them.

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