Fry’s guys’ ties; chicks, nix

I don’t remember ever noticing it before, but while the BF and I were waiting in the staggeringly long line at Fry’s in Burbank last night, I saw that all the male employees were in white shirts and ties. I figured maybe Fry’s is doing that whole, high-class eatin’ establishment thing where the chick waiters and the dude waiters all wear the same geek-chic, shirt-and-tie uniform รณ after all, they do have a restaurant (of sorts) inside.

But when we finally got up to the register, the (male) employee told us that no, the chicks do not in fact have to wear shirts and ties; in fact, he added gloomily, the girls didn’t have to wear uniforms at all.

As a former 8-year-wearer of black watch plaid, you’d think I’d be all “woo-hoo! one for our side!” But let’s face it, sometimes uniforms are cool. Especially geeky ones.

3 thoughts on “Fry’s guys’ ties; chicks, nix”

  1. Fry\’s employees have been wearing shirts and ties for ages. If you were observant and a true geek, you\’d also notice the women don\’t need to wear such things.

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