Mayor Tours Skid Row, Watches Junkies Shoot Up

I just read this article over on the LAT website about MAV spending a couple of days touring the skid row area in Downtown. At one point a junkie shot up and a crack head smoked crack right in front of the mayor. I think it is good that MAV got a good look at how messed up it is down there and I hope he will be pushing the city to do something about it and help the people who are forced to live in such squalor.

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  1. I posted about it at my blogsite . But I can’t link to there from here.

    It is a ratheer scary issue for people to begin to say what sort of life people prefer over others. Steve Lopez said something that scared the heak out of me and should scare all of us and he said the man whom he was trying to help was too sick to know he is sick and refuses treatment that would get him a better life. I don’t think Steve LOpez understands mental illness especially Schizophrenia , particularly with the fact that medications aren’t always successful at treating this and creativity seems to be a way to self-medicate for many severely mentally ill ,and introducing anti-anxiety and anti-epileptic psychotropics can affect their own creativity , thus many choose this way of life so as to avoid losing thier ability to create.

    Again there are those who are severly violent and are a danger to themselves and others who need to be in an environement where they are not a danger to themselves or others, but locking peeople up just because they now don’t look pretty to the devlopers is not the answer. Creating places which foster a semblance of independence is what is needed.

    1. Mental hospitals with on ground residency.

    2. ALlowing people to keep their income from ssd, ssI ,ETC , while they are at a longterm residency , so they can have a semblance of autonomy- beleive it or not board and care faciltiies take peoples money and don’t feed well, there are many that do, but people want the ability to go to a movie now and then , or have nice clothes , or even eat at mcdonalds every now and then. NAd even be able to buy a bus pass to go places with. Take the money away you will have more panhandling.

    3. These faciliteis should incorporate education as well as isolation rooms into their place. Especially for those who are creative and artists.

    In steve lopez’s article he was ambiguous in his statement about social policy being humane, we need to know what policies specifically.

  2. I hope when the politicians and police go to “help the people who are forced to live in such squalor,” they interpret that to mean, primarily, those living *in* the streets rather than *above* them.

    But that would be cutting against precedent. Lots and lots of precedent.

  3. Yes I think that people living in SROs are leaps and bound better off compared to the folks living in tents and boxes on the street. We as a city need to focus on those people and help them by building more SROs, affordable housing and shelters.

    And thanks Don, I really should have credited you in the original post as you alerted me to the article through your blog.

  4. The only way to solve the problem of homelessness is for us all to realize we are part of the problem and second to realize wea are part of the solution. We can’t place it outside of us, “it is the governments problems, city politicians problem, non-profits problem, therefore not mine.” It’s all of ours. To end extreme poverty is to end the myth of consumption, I deserve this and that, I am better because I am not_________, and finally, extreme wealth. No one needs or deserves the kinds of money individuals and groups sometimes have, they want it and get it but they don’t “deserve it”.

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