What’s it worth…

…if you get stuck in the elevator in our building and the doors won’t open so you have to climb out of the top panel of the elevator car it continues to drop bit by bit (after already falling two floors)?*

(The answer after the jump.)

An official apology from the building management and a $20 gift certificate for the Coffee Bean in the lobby.

I shit you not. (What is that? Like 4 cups of coffee?)

*Thanks again to J-X and for more details about the incident.

2 thoughts on “What’s it worth…”

  1. …and I’ll be happy to buy a fresh cup of coffee for any person who stays inside the elevator car awaiting rescue rather than trying to force their way out!

    If any of you should happen to be in a stalled elevator car, please don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1. The men and women of the LAFD have extensive training and can be there swiftly to assure a safe exit or rescue.

    I’ve seen my share of people maimed, crushed, severed, disembowled and decapitated while trying to “surf” or self-evacuate from stalled elevators. Please don’t try to self-evacuate unless the circumstances (rising water, fire) makes the choice to calmly stay put impossible.

    Have a great weekend – and make it a safe one!

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

    LAFD Home Page: http://www.lafd.org
    LAFD News Blog: http://www.lafd.org/blog.htm

  2. For the record, the guy had used the emergency phone to call the building management. Since they were unable to open the doors, they advised him to climb out the ceiling panel of the elevator where they supposedly lowered a ladder down to him to climb out.

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