This Moth Is My Moth

This awesome-looking moth has been sitting in the exact same spot directly next to my front door for the better part of three days. He’s been there just as long as KROQ’s Dave the King of Mexico sat watching television in order in order to set a Guinness World Record. In fact, it’s proprotionatly much longer since the moth has a shorter life span. Dave finished up this morning, but my moth is still going. Anybody out there know what he is exactly? Click on the thumb for a Mothra-sized version.

11 thoughts on “This Moth Is My Moth”

  1. C’mon joz! He’s really awesome looking I swear. Not in a gross insecty way.

    I love his coloring. If he were an 80’s GI Joe character he’s be “Arctic Camo Ninja Moth” or something like that.

  2. That moth obviously hasn’t seen the commercial where the fly tries to take advantage of his 24-hour lifespan and parties it up.

    Maybe this is zen moth. Or he’s just waiting for the invasion signal and laughing at all of us.

  3. Way to go Will! That’s got to be him. Although, I still prefer something like “Arctic Ninja Force Moth.” As an interesting aside, Google has revealed to me that the Tiger Moth is also some sort of biplane. So, that’s a pretty good legacy to be leaving behind.

  4. Will, that is exactly they’re evil!

    Moths make more moths!


    For the record, I don’t wish death to any moths. I just do not want them around/near me in any way shape or form.

    (Maybe someday I will share the story that has inspired generations of moth-o-phobes in my family, but not today.)

  5. I have an insect story. One time, my dad was eating a bottle of green olives and, as he took each olive out of the bottle, he would suck out the pimento before eating the olive. So, gets a ways through the jar and pulls out his next olive and sucks out the pimento. Lo and behold, behind the pimento is nasty bloated spider. Or spider carcass I’m assuming. So, now he doesn’t eat olives.

    Yay spiders.

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