I’m having lots of work done on my house, including massive landscaping and remodeling indoors.

We’ve had a couple of electricians here for the last few days, and as part of their work to put in new lights and upgrade our outlets from the original 1947 models, they’ve had to tear some wood off our walls.

Today, we discovered that our home has been invaded by termites. Holy. Shit. Fuck.

We’ve been on the phone with termite people, and ohmygodcouldtheypleasebealittlemoreexpensive.

I think we’re going with this orange oil treatment thing that costs more than tenting, but won’t poison my house and kill my dogs.

6 thoughts on “invasion”

  1. Not to go against the grain on this one, but our apartment complex was recently tented. And although it is a big pain to pack up all the foods and what not, nobody’s animals got sick when they came back from boarding (8 cats and 2 ferrets).

    Even though I was irritated with the short notice from the landlord and all the work and extra money I had to spend for them to do it….I figure that there are somethings that I want done extra strength.

  2. hey wil, fwiw I looked into this at length when my place was termite-y and in the end, the tenting seemed to be the best option. (the heat thing was a close 2nd, and I liked it because no chemicals, but it might have melted the computers!) my food, plants etc survived fine. the gas disappates and disappears when they air the house for a full day (with fans) before you move in.

    good luck, it’s a bummer.

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