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holdsteady102005.jpgIf you ever get a group email from a coworker/friend in Pennsylvania that says “my friend is moving to L.A., please be his friend,” consider yourself lucky.

Because all of a sudden, you might have a person who will actually go see Serenity with you, instead of laughing at the preview the way your other friends did. Maybe he will even wait three weeks after the release date, since you had to go out of town for work. And maybe, the night you finally see the movie, your new L.A. friend will say, “My friend’s band is playing, if you want to check that out afterwards.”

And his friend’s band will turn out to be The Hold Steady, and even though you thought you had to pay for your ticket, it will turn out that he is on the list +1. You will get to the Knitting Factory just in time for the band’s totally rockin’ show, and there will be a perfect moment (during the one song you recognize) when you realize that Yes, you might move back to New York in December, but right now, at this moment, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

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  1. Joz, it’s work-related, and not definite yet. I love L.A. to pieces, so if I move back, it’s going to be a really tough decision.

  2. Bravo on this post. Very well written. Definitely candidate for Perfect Blog Entry.


    (who believes that parenthetical expressions at the end of comments will one day be in vogue)

    NP: Donald & Lydia by John Prine

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