Bicycle Kitchen

I just want to point out the Bicycle Kitchen completely and totally kicks ass. Tonight I built 2 wheels for my fixed gear project bike and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Tomorrow I’m heading back to finish the bike rebuild and I’ll post some flicks when I’m done. I’m looking forward to some LA road bike action.

One thought on “Bicycle Kitchen”

  1. Glad you found the Kitchen! Anyone with an interest in cyc-ology should get some BK into their lives. I did their inaugural wheel building class back in August (archived post here) and it was just what I needed to kick start my fixie/single-speed freewheel project, which is now just a front brake away from being finished.

    I was in there Thursday night for some stand time and with the excellent assistance of Ktchen Cook Ben, installing and trimming the rear brake cable was almost too easy.

    Good luck with your fixed-gear ride. Keep’ers posted.

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