Free Wi-Fi around LA

You are never going to believe this – I think I just found the first useful thing on! No, really! It’s true!! Check this out: They put together a list of locations around LA that offer free WI-Fi for just about anyone. From coffee shops & restaurants to hotels & book stores to full city blocks. Hell, there’s even some bars listed and now when you use the “I was drunk!” excuse to explain those nasty e-mails you fired off the other day you can further justify it by blaming the bar for offering free internet access. There’s less than 20 places listed here and I’m guessing in a city as big as LA there’s considerably more options than this but all of the places I was thinking about were represented here so the major bases are certainly covered.

2 thoughts on “Free Wi-Fi around LA”

  1. Horribly “over the hill” centric, though. Here are some Valley locations.

    Sherman Oaks Branch of the LAPL – Moorpark Street & Tyrone
    Jennifers Coffee, Studio City, – Tujunga and Moorpark
    Panera Bread – Studio City – Ventura and Laural Cyn
    Burger King – Encino – Ventura and Petit
    Van Nuys Civic Center Plaza

  2. They left a couple of other ones that I use a lot out, too. One, all Panera and Schlotzky’s Deli locations have free Wifi – it’s a corporate policy that should be rewarded. Second, no laptop monkey should be without this little gem, the Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter. I use mine to sniff out open hotspots for when connecting through my cell phone just isn’t fast enough.

    Personal fave: Groundwork Coffee at Cahuenga and Sunset. The WiFi is fast and free, the coffee is delish, and if you come on a Friday at around 6:30 pm, you’ll probably see me at the comedy open mic. I’ll be the one with the laptop.

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