8 thoughts on “More fun with image thieves”

  1. I’m too scared to do that to people who steal my bandwidth. But it’s happening a lot right now on my candy blog.

    I was just reading a nice tale about a food blogger (paul of kiplog.com/food/) who had his food photos hotlinked by a restaurant so he changed them for piles of steaming dog poo on a plate … the restaurant threatened to sue him! Good times.

  2. Don’t worry about that Cybele – it’s on your server so you can do whatever you want with the images. Not to mention you are PAYING for the bandwidth they are stealing from you. That restaurant was just bluffing, that’s like you getting mugged and then the bad guy threatening to sue you because your credit card got cancelled.

  3. You could just disallow hot linking by changing some lines in the .htaccess file in your directory. Look here for an intro, and google further for more info.

    Although image substitution is more entertaining if you don’t mind it still running up your bandwidth.

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