Naked Ambition…

The name Carly Milne may not sound familiar, but she’s a publicist who worked in the adult industry, and her now-defunct Pornblography provided a great account of what working in that business was like, proverbial warts and all.

She also had the fringe benefit of hanging out with uber-hot pornstars like Anais Alexander (totally NSFW), something I was quite jealous of, but I digress.

Carly’s since released a book called Naked Ambition, and there will be a reading scheduled for this Thursday from 7:00 PM-9:00 PM at Hustler Hollywood, and a launch party afterwards at 9:00 PM-? at Nacional.

More about the book via (NSFW):

Former industry publicist Carly Milne is releasing her first book, Naked Ambition, today. The book is an anthology of writings from women in and around the adult industry discussing their theories, passions and interests surrounding porn. It includes writings from Nina Hartley, Theresa Flynt of the Hustler empire, porn star Tera Patrick, Village Voice sex columnist Tristan Taormino, author Violet Blue, web mistress Joanna Angel, Internet entrepreneur Danni Ashe, Wicked’s Joy King and porn star turned writer/director Stormy Daniels, web curator Hester Nash, Variety‘s Dana Harris, Wired‘s Regina Lynn, Stuff Magazine‘s Laura Leu, and Club Jenna’s Linda Johnson, among many others. “The book gives voice to the new generation of women shaping not only what sexual material we consume, but how we think and talk about sex,” says Milne.