LA Drum’n’Bass Events: Dylan, Teebee, R.A.W., Deacon, CRS? and more

I’m not sure what percentage of the readers here are in to Drum’n’Bass, but if you’ve never heard of it you should give it a chance. Personally I’ve been in to dnb for over 10 years now and I’ve been actively supporting the scene here in LA for almost 7 years with a website called Jungle Scene. Los Angeles currently has one of the best dnb scenes in the world and probably the best in the country, and this week is a good example of how good we have it.

Starting tonight down in OC (yes I know that is not LA proper) you can catch U.K. producer Dylan at a weekly called Adrenaline.

Then on Thursday you can catch Norwegian Subtitles/Metalheadz artist Teebee at LA’s longest running dnb weekly Respect, show up early for this one because the Larchmont will be packed for this event.

On Friday you can catch the second installment of the monthly club Purgatory with some of LA’s best DJs including R.A.W., Deacon, CRS? and APX1 which is brought to you by Wreckignition [I should note that I have been throwing parties with wreck longer than I have been running JS so I may be a bit biased].

On Saturday from 10pm to 2pm (yes PM the next day) Bring Your Own will be a free party in Downtown Pomona (also not in LA proper) where you can catch Deacon play again if you missed him on Friday night.

And finally rounding out the week on Sunday is a free club called Samurai located next to the Beauty Bar on Caheunga in Hollywood come for the sushi and sake and stay for the bass.

5 thoughts on “LA Drum’n’Bass Events: Dylan, Teebee, R.A.W., Deacon, CRS? and more”

  1. right now they don’t have a website and yes it is on sunday. although they didn’t post event info for this coming sunday on js… I will hit up XXXL who does the night and find out the deal for this Sunday.

  2. I just got word that the club is happening on sunday, if you want more info you can give Temple of Boom a call and ask them as the owner, Sam, throws the club: 323-930-2666

  3. yeah some folks from grapevinez do a live show with a singer, a drummer and a sax player… I can’t recall their name right now. there is def a gap that could be filled for LA there.

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