It’s “Just” Rain

To everyone who complains that it’s “just rain” when somebody posts about the weather (because talking about the weather is crazy! Nobody ever makes conversation about the weather!) I would like to draw your attention to this article from MSNBC, and especially it’s headline and sub: “California Thunderstorms an Absolute √ęDeluge√≠: Walnut-sized Hail Triggers Mudslides, Power Outages, and Halts Traffic.” Sounds like some other people, like, oh, The National Weather Service, thought it merited some attention as well.

6 thoughts on “It’s “Just” Rain”

  1. The other cliche, of course, is “No one here in L.A. knows how to drive in the rain.”

    Which is true, granted. But that’s not the only culprit behind all the accidents. When it rains as infrequently as it does here, road grime adds up. So when it rains for the first time in months, the roads are going to be super slick. And no matter how expert your driving skills are, you’re gonna encounter problems.

  2. The cliche about nobody knowing how to drive in the rain is unfortunately true. This morning, most of the traffic lights were out in Hancock Park, and I would estimate that only about 1/8 of drivers knew about, or chose to obey, the four-way stop rule. I saw nearly 10 accidents at the corner of 3rd and Arden in particular, where most of the drivers going down 3rd blasted their way through the traffic light without stopping, and cars coming down Arden had to force their way through the intersection to get across.

  3. I second that! I got squirrly in my car twice yesterday. I am not saying I am Mr. Car Control. I have however raced my car on a road type course and have years of mostly crash-free miles under my belt.
    One spot was off of the 14 near Placerita Canyon road. The onramp had dirt/mud all over it, I got a little slide going there. Then I hydro-planed for a second in Acton on Santiago road while bypassing a jack-knifed southbound big rig accident.

  4. I drove into L.A. from Tucson via I-10 yesterday morning/afternoon and counted at least ten accidents and five overturned vehicles. Two of the driver-related causes that contribute to accidents in the rain seem to be:

    (1) Speed. People doing 85 in driving rain. In tiny Toyotas with skinny tires. Crazy.

    (2) Following distance. People driving hard up on bumpers, misjudge braking distance, swerve then spin out.

  5. exactly!!!
    some idiot was up my butt at 75 mph in the rain yesterday. when they got a chance they jumped into the hov lane. whatever.

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