Frightfully Good – Make Your Own Screamfest


Screamfest Los Angeles is officially underway and I’m the proud ticket holder of this Thursday’s back-to-back zombie films: Land of the Dead extended director’s cut and Severed. Color me rotting! So, since the big Halloween day is only two weeks away, I wanted to feature some of the horror films I enjoy on a weekly basis to get you in a frightful mood. I’m mentioning a few this week and the rest next week. Too much at once might stop your heart!

ïRosemary’s Baby (1968) – I seriously much watch this movie twice a month. As if being a first-time mother isn’t enough to deal with, you have to find out that you’ve birthed Satan’s child! Poor little Andy or Jenny.

ïDawn of the Dead (the 2004 re-make) – I know I’ll probably get a virus from this but I think this movie is the tops. Best chaotic opening sequence to a movie ever. It doesn’t have the Romero touch but it’s just as intense and entertaining.

ïThe Legend of Hell House (1973) – why don’t people believe when someone tells them a house is haunted? I mean, for real.

ïBurnt Offerings (1976) – another “haunted” house movie or, in this case, it’s more like the house is alive. I’m in an obsessive Karen Black film phase right now and this one hits the spot. Burgess Meredith is even in it!

More coming next week along with my Screamfest recap. In the meantime, check out my recommendations from last year on Those films are still my favorite!

2 thoughts on “Frightfully Good – Make Your Own Screamfest”

  1. How’s about “Dead & Buried” It’s the only movie that actually made me look in my closet!

  2. I agree the opening for the “Dawn of the Dead” remake is pretty awesome… but as far as recent movies go, the best “scary” one in years has been “Sean of the Dead” — smart, hilarious, and with more effective shock moments than most slashers. Best horror film since “Scream”.

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