A Little Levity…

Just heard this one and wanted to pass it on to anyone needing a grin (or a chance to tell me that this joke’s so old its age spots have age spots):

Duhbya’s in the Oval Office when there’s a discreet knock on the door. “C’mon in!” Duhbya yells congenially and in walks a very solemn staffer. “Whut’s goin’ on?” Duhbya asks seated behind the desk with his boots up on it.

“I’m sorry to inform you sir that three Brazilian soldiers were killed today in Iraq.”

In a split second Duhbya’s on his feet and pacing, exclaiming “Why that’s horrible, horrible news!”

“Yes sir,” agrees the staffer.

“Just horrible,” Duhbya repeats before stopping suddenly and facing the staffer. “Tell me again how many zeros are there in a brazilian?”