I’d just like to tell all of you that I’m totally digging the thunder and lightening over here in West Hollywood. I missed the thunderstorm earlier this year when I was out of town.

Thunder electrifies me. It excites me. There’s nothing better than sleeping in a cozy bed with the sound of the rain on the roof. Or spending quality time with the liquid display and the sound of the rain on the patio. Good thing I already hit the farmer’s market.

I hope the rest of you Angelinos are enjoying this as much as I am.

8 thoughts on “Thunder”

  1. Thunder and rain is not quite as cool fun for people who don’t own a car. I just attempted to walk to Ralphs during a break in the rain, and when I was halfway there it started to pour again. Not fun.

  2. Gotta agree with Lisa there. I also prefer to be able to sleep without loud explosions going on throughout the night., and I enjoy being able to be out and about.

  3. i’m enjoying it in weho myself but i’m definitely turning off all of the music equipment now … the monitor speakers fizz and crackle every time i see lightning! i expect to be blown the hell out of my chair any second

  4. I’m looking out my office window and the rain is beautiful. The lightning looks magnificent from the 34th floor but I’m definitely dreading the walk to my car and the drive home.

  5. The poor poodle was pretty scared of the thunder at first last night, but we got him up into bed with us and we all fell asleep cuddled up listening to the rain. :)

  6. Whenever those dark, dark storm cells passed over Glendale the children in the elementary school across the street from my home office screamed and shrieked, especially at the booms with enough force to set off car alarms. It’s like living in an amusement park.

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