Compassionate Care Comes to Echo Park

I don’t really follow what’s going on with the battle over medical marijuna. I was under the impression that the store fronts in Los Angeles that were distributing it were being cracked down on using questionably legal methods. But my belief that they were all being forcibly put out of business is mistaken because it turns out that “Silverlake 13th District Los Angeles Compassionate Act Care” featuring “Medical Cannabis, Edibles, and Extracts for Qualified Patients in accordance with H&S Code 11362.5” is opening (or maybe has opened) right here in Echo Park. So, the fight goes on I guess.

One thought on “Compassionate Care Comes to Echo Park”

  1. i believe that some of the dispensaries were using it as a front for other activities.

    These are the people that ruin it for those of us that need a place to obtain medicine.

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