LA Zoo joins GATORWATCH!!!1

CBS takes a break from whatever [something]WATCH!!!11 they’re currently on, to bring us the latest development in Gatorland:

Reptile experts from the Los Angeles Zoo have joined in the hunt to capture an alligator lurking in a city lake.

Reggie the 7-foot gator was allegedly dumped at least two months ago by his owner, a former LAPD officer, when he got too big to keep as a pet.

Gator wranglers from Florida and Colorado have tried to nab him, but Reggie outwitted them all.

This confirms something we’ve known since 2000: alligators are smarter than the average Floridian.

Look out, Reggie. The LA Zoo is about to show you how we do things out here on the Westsieeeeed, bizznatch!

3 thoughts on “LA Zoo joins GATORWATCH!!!1”

  1. Yawn, in the F-L-A we know how to keep gators as pets! Hee hee. Actually, gators in local lakes or small ponds in Florida is so common. In fact, last holiday Sean and I would see one on the local college campus in our attempts to steal wifi. God I love me some gators!

  2. I’d love to feed a Westsider to Reggie, I wonder if they taste like chicken.

    I’m still at a total loss as to why there is so much interest in this stray reptile. People used to dump rabid, half-starved, gangster raised pit bulls next to my office,and they are way more dangerous to people than some water-bound sleepy reptillian. It’s like no one in Los Angeles has seen a wild animal before.

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