Schaffer Brings the Darkness

Just discovered via flavorpill that a friend I’ve known since high school but haven’t spoken with for, oh, 10 years is playing The Knitting Factory’s Alterknit Lounge on Friday night. Schaffer The Dark Lord is Mark Schaffer’s bizarre, nerd-rap/stand up comedy alter ego. I haven’t had a chance to see his show, and unfortunately I’m heading to Vegas on Friday so sadly there won’t be any reunions this time either. But he comes highly recommended and the sample MP3’s on his site are pretty sweet. Like MC 900 Ft. Jesus doing Weird Al covers. If you make it to the show, shout out “Bears!” when he delivers the line “my friends Shad and Chad and Chad’s dad Brad” during the song My Dinner with Jello. It will completely freak him out.