Wait, You’re Saying I Can Have Beer With My Free WiFi?

God bless America.

This month, San Pedro Brewing Company celebrates 6 years of providing my hometown with one of its few, truly cool hang-outs. And, for four of those years, it’s provided us with the only local microbrew – treating us to such delights as the Point Fermin Pale Ale, the Shanghai Red, and a Christmastime special that’s called Blitzen for a reason.
Microbreweries seem to be all the rage these days – so much so that it’s easy to confuse them: the semi-clever names, the stock menu of bar food, the obligatory weekly entertainment. Well, not here. There’s nothing stock about SPBC’s menu, which is varied and always meticulously prepared to be more than your average burger-and-fries. My personal menu – enjoyed on my birthday for each of SPBC’s six year’s so far – Gaffey Fries to start (french fries smothered in cheese, bacon, chives, sour cream, and love), a BLT&A split with my best friend, and at least one – okay, at most one – San Pedro Iced Tea, which puts Long Island’s to shame and me in detox for the next day. It’s rich, but that’s why it’s a once a year menu.

Other nights, it’s hard to resist the grilled salmon sandwich or the house specialty: grilled Santa Maria Tri-Tip so good you could probably use it to convert even your staunchest vegetarian friends. Sound like average pub menu items? Maybe, but you need to taste them to believe them. No soggy buns here, my friends. BBQ Pulled-Pork that melts in your mouth. Bruschetta that makes you wonder how a tomato and some basil can get you to Nirvana. This sh*t is good, get it?

And as if the food and drink weren’t enough, now I find out that SPBC also has free WiFi – meaning there is NO reason not to make the drive to San Pedro (look! I’m blogging live – right here with my beer!.
Add to all this the rotating exhibits of local artists and photographers, the inspired entertainment schedule – which now includes iPod Fridays because the owner decided the best way to figure out what customers wanted to hear was just to let them play it themselves – and SPBC fills a much needed void in San Pedro and the city generally: the true neighborhood spot that brings together some of the best we have to offer in food, entertainment, service, art, and community spirit.

Come – visit, eat, blog, drink, and be merry. Soon, James Brown (not that one, this one) will be your local hero too.

San Pedro Brewing Co. – 331 West 6th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731; (310) 831-5663; www.sanpedrobrewing.com; open for lunch and dinner daily, Sunday NFL Football Brunch at 10am; meals from $6-$15; full bar; Trojan fans might not want to wear USC colors.

7 thoughts on “Wait, You’re Saying I Can Have Beer With My Free WiFi?”

  1. Hmmm, SPBC has WiFi? Ipod Fridays? This all sounds familiar… Wait! YOU’VE BEEN READING SAN PEDRO MAGAZINE!!! YOUVE GONE OVER TO THEM!!! WHAT DOES JACK BARIC HAVE ON YOU???

    It’s OK Christiana, you can tell me… I know an “extraction specialist” who can have you out and deprogrammed by next Wednesday.

  2. Haha, as a matter of fact, I learned about the WiFi from the magazine, but went to test it out myself. I had noted the iPod Fridays on the schedule and asked about it last time I was in town, so the article just confirmed that. Everything else – the good food, good beer part – I’ve known for quite awhile before any articles appeared elsewhere. And since I’ve been going to SPBC since it was just John T’s, I knew the birthday part too . . . .

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with San Pedro Magazine, though, or why I should be afraid of it. Seems fine to me. I’ve never met Jack Baric, so as far as I know, he ain’t got nuthin’ on me!

  3. See! We’re so much more than just a place to end a freeway.

    Anytime you want a tour, Wil – fellow Metrobloggers even get a beer free for making the commute. ;) (uh-oh, how many authors in how many cities now?)

    p.s. you dropped an A from my name. but I’d probably add an extra L to yours sometime . . . .

  4. Nahh, just funnin’ ya. San Pedro magazine is ok, and Jack Baric isn’t too bad a guy. (He was a friend of my 12th grade English teacher, and visited my class once, back when he was publishing “Campus” magazine.) He does have some weird idea that the Gaffey St. pedestrian bridge should be removed because it is ugly and looks like something “from a Pennsylvania mill town”, but whatever with that.

    Oh, and Wil?

    Don’t try to resist the pull of San Pedro. (Resistance is futile.)

  5. Actually Jack Baric isn’t running SP Magazine any more. Joshua Stecker is has been behind it for the last few issues. I did an interview for him, and it was cool to see someone in their 20’s and with a knowledgeable interest in emulators and retrogaming heading up our local mag. Much like the changing town he’s interested in making the mag less -ich, -ivich and -ini centric, if you know what I mean.

    As to the SP Brewing Company. Although most of their beers are pretty standard as microbrewery house beers go, their Downtown Dunkel is a really solid drink, when in season, and is good with just about everything they serve. Also, the big secret of the Brewing Company is to never order fries with your chow, ask for their mac and cheese instead. Resistance to their Mac and Cheese is futile.

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