KCRW to Drop Day to Day

According to L.A. Observed, KCRW is going to drop NPR’s Day to Day as of October 17. Since I can’t post comments at L.A. Observed, allow me to do so here:


‘Nuff said.

5 thoughts on “KCRW to Drop Day to Day”

  1. KCRW epitomizes the worst in public radio. KPCC is better, though they are trying very hard to emulate KCRW’s formula. KPCC still broadcasts D2D at 9am.

    Maybe NPR will get on the ball and start posting a podcast file for D2D. That would be an obvious thing to do.

    Recently I’ve discovered the joys of NPR’s streams and podcasts. I can now skip over those inane Susan Stamberg puff-pieces and get to the real news. I’ll be glad when all their programming will be available this way.

  2. Now, KPCC definitely earns a badge of sucktitude for dropping their music programming and going to an all-talk format some four years ago now. They had a great Friday night roots-soul show at 8 that I’d listen to on the long drives from Hollywood to the hinterlands of La Verne. And since much of that drive along the 210 is in a KCRW shadow, all I had was my favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival tape to listen to, over and over until it melted. And it’s all the fault of KPCC management. If I wanted news, I’d listen to Phil Hendrie.

  3. Ruth Seymour is the master of dumping good programming (and dumping/alienating good DJs). She’s been doing it for 20 years. It’s amazing that KCRW has managed to survive despite her ham-handed programming skills. The problem is that KCRW does not have any strong, direct competition. Sadly, I’ll still listen. (I will, however, be turning to KPCC for Day to Day. And Sandra Tsing Loh, and anybody else Ruth drives away.)

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