7 thoughts on “Best of Metroblogging the -ists”

  1. Honestly, wasn’t even thinking of metblogs when I posted it. The idea of the “best of” amongst a network of sites isn’t unique to metroblogging or laist. weblogs, inc does it, gawker media does it and a whole host of other groupings do it.

    That said, I’d never begrudge anyone for feeling flattered.

  2. That’s certainly true Jason, and I wouldn’t go as far as saying you were ripping us off. It’s just my natural instinct to think of Metblogs when I here “Best of” since we’ve been using it since March and the other organizations that I can think of use different language (Week in Review, etc).

  3. You’re so right!! I’d never heard “Best Of” used ANYWHERE before until Metroblogging did! And when I did see it here first, way, way back in March of ’05, I was bowled over by its sheer, unique, one-of-a kind originality. You guys so totally own it.

  4. KWalker – DUDE! You are so right!!! But just because I can’t find it myself please send me a link to a group of city blogs that used “best of” to highlight stand out posts in other cities on their network prior to March ’05 and I’ll buy you a cookie!

    Look, this is hardly the first time a group has “borrowed” an idea from another. There’s plenty of features on our site, on the -ist sites, and on Weblogs, Inc that could be accused of comeing from one of the other groups. Big deal, that just means the idea was a good one. Take the slice ad at the top for example, Weblogs Inc came up with it, we repurposed it to include our other cities rather than advertising and -ist copied that from us. We started doing Best Of wrap ups before the others, the fact that other people do them now too just means it was a good idea. So what. I’m sure one of these days -Ist will come up with some great idea that everyone else will have to use as well. Personally I’d be very surprised if this was the last time something like this happened. I mean, are people calling us all theives for using blogrolls or three column layouts? No, but the dudes who came up with those are pretty flattered I’m sure.

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