The Thurman Fire

fire on the mountainside Sirens scream through town every so often, alternating with the heavy drones of fire-fighting planes overhead. There’s another fire out in the I.E. which isn’t on that CDF info page as yet — it’s near Angeles Oaks in the San Bernardino Mountains, and has forced the closure of Highway 38. And since 330 is also closed for road work at the moment, Highway 18 is the only way up or down from Big Bear on the San Bernardino side of the mountains.

These pics are from Redlands (click for regular size at Flickr), which is quite a few miles away, but which itself is still dealing with the San Timoteo fire. That’s Redlands High School in the near ground of the photo above — the fire is on the mountainside in the distance.

The biggest peak, to the right and behind the mountain on fire, is Mount San Gorgonio, the highest peak in SoCal at 11,500 feet. This steep area is full of forest and brush that hasn’t burned out since the Big Bear Fire of 1970. Voluntary evacuations are underway. I think it’s being called the Thurman Fire, named for the Thurman Flats, a popular picnic area off Highway 38.

A couple of other photos below the fold.

the sky over our house

The fire on the mountainside is throwing up smoke, caught in the high altitude winds that are stretching this enormous plume across most of the sky, from one horizon to the other.

mountain on fire.

Zoomed in on the fire — sorry my camera’s digital zoom is not great.

Some details gleaned from this Press-Enterprise article (lame registration required).

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