On A Clear Day

Our infamous Santa Ana winds generally make things miserable around here and they can’t blow themselves out fast enough for me (and even moreseo for everyone in Chatsworth and Simi Valley), but for all the sinus passages they parch and tempers they flare they do have what I would consider a positive aspect as nature’s dustbuster. Have you noticed the visibility around the greater L.A. basin these last couple days? The air practically sparkles with an I-can-see-for-miles quality, and while in Burbank on Tuesday the late-afternoon sunlight playing upon the hillsides of the Verdugos brought them into a sharp focus seldom seen.

2 thoughts on “On A Clear Day”

  1. Will, you took the wind out of my sails. I was just going to comment on the clearness of it all. So, it’s the Santa Ana winds that are bringing all this heat. Cool. Time to get the moto up and head to the mountains.

  2. “The air practically sparkles with an I-can-see-for-miles quality”

    I noticed that too, right up until the moment the air started sparkling with ashes and embers.

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