MirrorMask is Imminent

Recovering goths take note! The Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean cult-favorite-in-the-making MirrorMask opens at Landmark’s Nuart theater on Friday for one short week. I’ve read mixed reviews about it, but at the very least it should be quite the stunner visually. I think there’s a good chance that it will show up at the Arclight after awhile, but if you’re worried about missing it now’s the time to score advance tickets. And if you’d rather watch the trailer in QuickTime, here you go.

One thought on “MirrorMask is Imminent”

  1. MirrorMask rocks, man. But go see it in the first week. If it doesn’t do well then, it won’t get an opportunity to go wide. And it really should be seen on a screen.

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