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After being taken aback again by the lack of RSS feeds for the front* of the LA Times website, I wondered — of the top US cities by population, which of their major newspapers do or do not have feeds?

  1. New York Times: Yo.
  2. LA Times: No.*
  3. Chicago Tribune: No. Chicago Sun-Times: Yes.
  4. Houston Chronicle: Yep.
  5. Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News: Yes.
  6. Arizona Republic (Phoenix): Yes, but they get points taken off for the freaky Flash ad on their homepage. (Side note: I always forget they’re #6 on the list now.)
  7. San Diego Union-Tribune: Yes.
  8. San Antonio Express News: Si.
  9. Dallas Morning News: Yep.
  10. San Jose Mercury News: Yes.
  11. Detroit Free Press: Yes.
  12. Indianapolis Star: Yep.
  13. Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville): Yes.
  14. San Francisco Chronicle: But of course.
  15. Columbus Dispatch: Yes.
  16. Austin American-Statesman: Yep.
  17. Memphis Commercial Appeal: Yes, although you apparently have to login to view them. They also have blogs with their own feeds.
  18. Baltimore Sun: Yes.
  19. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Yep.
  20. Charlotte Observer: Yes.
  21. El Paso Times: Nope.
  22. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Yes.
  23. Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Yes and Yes.
  24. Boston Herald: Yes.
  25. Denver Post: Yes.

So, of the major newspapers in the top 14 25 cities in the United States, every one except one two: Los Angeles and El Paso. Hmm.

What’s the big deal? Well, it’s not that big of a thing, but I guess I wanted to point out that something must be up with this ‘feeds thing’ if everybody else has one, ya know? Take a little of that deleting-the-wiki effort and create a quick RSS or Atom document. If you need help, let me know — I write them all the time.

*I make that caveat because the Times does have feeds in a couple of places: their podcasts and the oped LiveCurrent blog. So somebody on the web crew over there is aware of their existence. But not for the front page or for top stories, much less the other sections.

UPDATE: In response to a question raised in the comments, the LA Daily News does not have one either. The New York Daily News, however, does. And in response to another comment regarding Seattle, I’ve enlarged the search from 14 to 25 cities. Makes the LA lack look even worse.

5 thoughts on “Feed me, see more”

  1. Notice the Chicago Tribune is lacking RSS feeds.

    LA Times = Tribune
    Chicago Tribune = Tribune

    At least it’s a single sign-on for the Tribune newspapers, but someone needs to get a clue.

  2. While on a visit to the L.A. Times online dept. with a UCLA journalism class some time ago, I asked the editor and one of the main producers about RSS feeds and was met with blank stares. I followed up later with an email with illustration of possibilities, how other papers (particularly the NY Times) use them. Never got so much as a “thanks, that’s interesting.”

    But, I’ve never had the impression that the L.A. Times was setting any trends in new media.

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