3 thoughts on “Chatsworth Fire: Day One…”

  1. Yeah, always cool to see out of control fire out your window. You live pretty close by me. I’m sure we’ve seen eachother around town. Hope you’re house is okay.

  2. as of 10:00 PM or so the southwestern flank of the fire had passed through Rocketdyne and was moving towards Bell Canyon and other parts of the Simi Hills. If the winds persist, there is the potential for the fire to burn through the entire Simi Hills down Cheseboro and Las Virgines Canyon, jump the 101 freeway, and continue all the way to the ocean at Malibu.

    This is one of the ‘worst case’ fires they like to model in fire conferences, etc. Luckily, the winds are expected to die down soon, so it probably won’t happen. Here in pasadena it is perfectly calm out.

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