Cable TV is bad for you…especially in Culver City

Check out this article in the L.A. Independent: Comcast Found With 5,000 Safety Violations. An investigation revealed that Comcast of Los Angeles has apparently been falling down on the ol’ safety job over in Culver City.

Some violations cited in the 116-page report include poor workmanship; loose cables; low cables over roadways; missing down guys (used to protect passersby from coming into contact with pole guying cables); incomplete pole-to-pole fiber optic cable construction that interferes with other utilities, among others.

The company’s response?

“We find the report troublesome and looking through details of it, the violations are not founded,” said spokesperson Patti Rockenwagner, who stressed that there have been no major safety incidents since Comcast began operating in Culver City two years ago. “We dispute certain parts of the report but itÔøΩs not in any way, shape or form, to skirt the importance of having safety as our number one priority,” she later added.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, exclusive franchising is always a really, really good idea.