My friend and former BBC producer*, Chris Vallance, does a fantastic podcast called Pocket Planet Radio.

Last night, as I drove home from the ACME comedy theatre (through Silver Lake, where I happily noted that the TVs are back), I listened to a recent episode where he interviewed the creative team behind 1947project, which is described thusly:

Los Angeles in 1947 was a social powderkeg. War-damaged returning soldiers were threatened by a new kind of independent female, who in turn found her freedoms disappearing as male workers returned to the factories. These conflicts worked themselves out in dark ways. The Black Dahlia is the most famous victim of 1947’s sex wars, but hardly the only one. The 1947project seeks to document this pivotal year in L.A., through period reporting and visits to the scenes as they are today.

1947project is much more than just a blog. It is fantastic literature which just happens to be presented in the blog format — something I expect we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of in the next few years. If you’re a fan of noir, or just a proud Angeleno, you’re going to love it. The only way to improve it is to release full RSS feeds.

The episode of Pocket Planet can be streamed or downloaded here.

*That’s former as in, “When I got to to things for BBC, Chris produced them.” not, “Chris used to work for BBC and now he doesn’t.” Sorry for the confusion!

3 thoughts on “1947project”

  1. Those Silver Lake TVs are back, but it’s been a bit of a tug-of-war of late. A couple show up and are then disappeared. Rinse. Repeat. In the last couple days I’ve driven by and seen some that have been de-throned and beaten up pretty good.

  2. Thanks Wil, but one small thing, I’m not really former BBC. I’m on a kind of sabbatical is the simplest way of putting it..but I still do a weekly segment for them all about blogging and podcasting as well as other bits and pieces. Metrobloggers might like it. You can listen here

    Cheers, Chris

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