Don’t worry, it’s only the invisible stuff that’ll kill ya

In a really upbeat article full of belly laughs and sunlight-limned pastoral scenes of puppies chasing butterflies (but never quite catching them), Reuters is reporting that we’re all going to die horrible deaths — but only if we breathe the air.

Los Angeles study finds higher pollution death risk covers an upcoming issue of Epidemiology (I only read it for the articles, I swear), that says, ‘The risk of dying from air pollution in parts of traffic-clogged Los Angeles appears sharply higher than previously believed, [when] comparing the risks of living in affluent, beachfront neighborhoods to the hazy and fast-growing inland area.’

‘It’s what we can’t see that is most dangerous to us,’ one professor says. Which will be a really comforting thought as I ride my bike to work today. ;)

2 thoughts on “Don’t worry, it’s only the invisible stuff that’ll kill ya”

  1. Whenever I’ve seen cyclists who don those HAZMAT-like filtration respirator masks for their commutes, I’ve shaken my head and chuckled. Now I may join them.

  2. Oh come on, we’ve lived in LA long enough. We know that air just ain’t as good if you can’t see it. It doesn’t have the bite or the spicy flavor without the smog. Mmmmm… if I can’t chew my air, I don’t wanna live there :P

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