Along Came A…

If memory swerves, Cybele posted an arachnid she beautifully photographed in her backyard last year and there was more than one spidah-hatah who commented along the lines of “Don’t be posting that shit!” and “Fuck! I hate spiders!” and “Take that crap down NOW!” and “I want my mommy!” and “Waaaah, you went and made me pee myself because I’m retarded in my irrational fear of thosethosethose… things!”

In the interest of readers with such delicate sensibilities, I’m accommodating such unchecked candyassedness by posting just an itsy bitsy thumbnail version at right of the female commmon orb weaver (Neoscona crucifera) who’s taken up residence on our front porch this past week. But if you’re more like Cybele and me and find arachnids fascinating click to biggify the image, a 15-second exposure at dusk this evening during which I “painted” the obliging orbie with a small flashlight’s beam as she sat with the Silver lake backdrop of the Micheltorena Ridge behind her.

My point? I just found out that the L.A. County Museum of Natural History has swapped out its usual yearly butterfly exhibit for a Spider Pavilion now through November 6. I am so there.

5 thoughts on “Along Came A…”

  1. I don’t really feel one way or the other about spiders, though it does freak me out a little bit when they’re on me. The photo great, though.

  2. Very nice photo. If you can manage to mist a little water on the web without scaring away the spider, the web will be more visible.

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