Tempting fruit

Mark Frauenfelder over at Boing Boing this morning pointed to Fallen Fruit, a website that tracks where all the free fruit is available in L.A., due to a law making fruit overhanging public sidewalks available to take by anybody. Our Sean Bonner had a post about it last July, but it bears a reminder and a different take on things. It seems to me there’s an inherent danger in this activity, between owners coming after you and unknown pesticide use or other environmental issues.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to do something along the lines of the Field of Dreams Will Campbell pointed out recently, but for a utilitarian purpose rather than artistic? Hell, plant fields of life-sustaining food where the urban wasteland is now and you’ll get both food and aesthetics going on.

2 thoughts on “Tempting fruit”

  1. Man, there’s an avocado tree around the corner from me whose sidewalk-overhanging boughs are just laden with future bowls of quacamole. I’m hoping the big ones start dropping soon, but I’m getting impatient. Trouble is the branches are way out of reach from the sidewalk and would require trespassing up a flight of stairs to the yard where the tree grows. Or I guess I’m within my legal rights to haul over a ladder and pillage from public property. Perhaps I could invoke some sort of fallen-fruit eminent domain? Didn’t think so.

  2. One of the lost joys of my youth is spending the late summer and early fall gathering up plums and apricots which grew so abundantly around my childhood home in Burbank. It was simply normal for us to gather several boxes of fruit over the course of a weekend, which mom would proceed to can and preserve.

    By the time we were young teenagers, we’d begun using self-designed fruit pickers made out of a broom handle, a coat hanger, a large tin can, and a bunch of duct tape. More than once we got into spirited discussions with neighbors who (probably correctly) felt we were invading their property when we reached over into their yard to pick fruit that didn’t hang over the fence or wall.

    Good times…

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