Ghost Ships of Los Angeles

The Wit of the Staircase, by writer Theresa Duncan, has a stellar description of what it’s like living in Los Angeles, including how you can invent not only yourself but the world around you in whatever fashion you desire…and the darkside of living in a leaderless utopia. Here’s an excerpt from Ghost Ships of Los Angeles:

It is possible to control Los Angeles by being the one with the most vivid fantasy about it. You might be from the planet Venus and have been sent down as the heir apparent to the Queen of Los Angeles throne. And okay, if you say so. Because not only will not many contradict you, you will find people ready to believe it. The people of Los Angeles are often without neighbors they know or close friends or even a regular coffee hangout, but in this age of surveillance, moderation and nuclear family busy bodies, there is still a strange thrill to living in what may be the most unsupervised city in the United States. ThereÔøΩs no one around to see that the grand and historic Embassy Hotel is preserved, let alone an empathic eye in the sky watching every sparrow fall.

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  1. Work on the Embassy Hotel began in 1913 by architect Thornton Fitzhugh. This nine-story steel and concrete edifice in the Beaux Arts style has a majestic four-story Baroque dome. The 1500 seat auditorium is reminiscent of old European concert halls, compact and finely detailed. Declared: 10/4/85
    851 S Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017

    She’s a little fuzzy on other details, but she’s a good stylist, so we can cut her some slack.

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