Blue, Too

And so, that is officially it. Reality has called. After tonight’s 8-3 loss to the Pirates, the Dodgers are nine games back from first-place San Diego, with only eight games left to play. Of course, reality has been circling over Chavez Ravine for months now, like a flock of vultures….

Back in April this year (How You Play the Game), I vented my spleen about the ownership, so I won’t go repeating that now. The future is full of uncertainty: multiple injuries, leftover angst from an awful season, the potential return (or lack thereof) of various players, sadness at another meltdown from someone who has became one of my favorites — not despite his passion, but because of it.

Here’s another entry of mine, this one from last season: Blue. You’ll note its date is in October, rather than September. The dream lasted a bit longer last time. You’ll also note some names that weren’t around anymore this year. But that’s a rant I’ve ranted enough.

Sure, there’s always next year. There’s a spring training to come. There’s overwrought metaphors to lather on the page and the screen. There’s time for that later.

For now, it’s time to put away the Dodgers coffee mug…

dodgers mug

…pull out the heavier Original Pantry mug, more appropriate for the winter…

original pantry mug

…and wait for hockey season, only a few weeks away.

Go Kings.

And Go Blue.

Next time around.

2 thoughts on “Blue, Too”

  1. I love how classy Dodger fans are, in general. It was another disappointing season, but there’s always next year.

    We need a bad football team that has a good season or two that we can semi-support for years afterward.

  2. McCourt promised an onfield payroll of $100m, appropriate for a big market team. Instead, they spent $80m, which means they could have had a legitimate superstar or two high quality players… but they didn’t and I’m annoyed. At the very least, if they don’t win, they can at least have some great players.

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