Saturdays usually mean a bit of the grounds maintenance and I got a little carried away this morning, attacking a particularly prolific stand of weeds that had been left alone too long and taken over a corner of the backyard. During the course of de-earthing the greenware I unearthed some old glassware in the form of two intact screw-top bottles รณ the clear one embossed at the bottom with SCHENLEY (a brand of Canadian whiskey I learned was first sold in 1945), and the brown one embossed only with HALF PINT. But both were stamped at the base of their necks with something I’d never seen before: FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS THE SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE.

Googling the phrase verbatim I found out that between 1932 and 1964 it was the law of the land that all liqour containers had to state the above, which means these bottles have been buried in our Silver Lake backyard for a minimum of 41 years. Probably longer. So maybe it’s not a plesiosaur tooth, but I really dig stuff like this… literally and figuratively. [Click the image to biggify]

4 thoughts on “Backyarcheology”

  1. Wow. That’s awesome. The best thing is that you found them in your backyard, not at a yard sale or flea market. That makes ’em extra cool.

  2. That’s wonderful you dug yours up. I believe I inherited a Schenley Whiskey bottle from my Grandfather. It’s painted with a one legged pirate with parot on his shoulder, crew with long boat, ship, tavern, beach, navigational chart, etc. I believe it’s Schenley after looking up painted bottles on e-bay, and found another painted Schenley bottle (completely)different than mine but the numbers on the bottom of that one was 3073 4 D-9 53. With mention of an I on the bottom in a circle. Mine is 64 D-8 51 with an I in a circle but inlaid with a diamond as well. Mine has the embossed “Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-Use of This Bottle” as well all in Upper Case. The glass stopper is sealed, but bottle was empty, was wondering about that. Thanks for the info you found about it. Schenley was distributed from Schenley, PA to NYC and Canada from the looks of bottle labels on e-bay. Hope this helps you some. E-mail me if you find anything further about the company. ~Shelly

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