Latino 96.3… more LA radio suckitude

latinologo.jpg The roommate’s precocious 6-year old brother seems to be more in touch with the music of young Latinos than either one of us. Last Friday when she was babysitting him, he got in the the car and asked, “can you please put it on Latino 96.3?” I laughed when she told me, but I also thought that the music on Latino 96.3 is inappropriate for a 1st grade kid. Still, he’s more in touch with popular music than I am.

I didn’t know of the existence of Latino 96.3 KXOL until about 6 weeks ago when a friend tortured me by playing it in his car. From press releases online, I figure the station debuted some time in the spring. Latino 96.3 features the new “hurban” (Hispanic urban) format and targets 18-34 year olds. I’m in that age group, but I’m not into the latest craze coming from Puerto Rico and Panama. Reggaeton is a blend of

dancehall and hip hop genres, with additional influences from reggae, electronic, bomba, plena, as well as other Jamaican music. The music is combined with rapping (generally) in Spanish, giving Reggaeton its distinct Latin American music touch.

Like all music genres, themes and topics vary, but the songs that are getting the most airplay are rather sexist, simpleminded and raunchy. No me gusta la gasolina.

Latino 96.3 reportedly plays local LA hip hop groups. I haven’t listened long enough to see if they play some Ozomatli, but I know if I wanted to listen to Ozo, I’d just pop in a CD.

When other contributors complain about LA radio generally sucking, I’d think that at least the Spanish language radio stations were not that bad. I like the regional stations like Que Buena and even the pop station Super Estrella plays some good stuff at times. Now, I take my opinion back.

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  1. I’ve heard some Ozomatli, along with a ton of English-language hip-hop. It might not be a lot of people’s cup of tea… but it’s already resonating with young listeners. Early trends show the station doing some strong numbers.

    As for radio in L.A…. I know it’s easy to get the “grass is always greener” attitude… but most people in other cities would kill to have stations like Indie 103.1 or KCRW on their dial, not to mention a heritage commercial rock station like KROQ (still better than most “alt” stations around the country)… hate to say it, but the radio dial likely isn’t better anywhere else…

  2. I agree with Mike. I am from Granada Hills, now living in Nashville, TN since ’97. I would kill to have KROQ back again, and everytime I visit the first thing I do when I get in the rental is switch over to 106.7.

    I laugh everytime I see the posts about L.A. radio and how negative they are. If you only had to hear to slop they play here.

    Thank God for XM.

  3. hey –

    I’m trying to find out the name of a song that is getting played right now on the radio that samples War’s Don’t Let No One Get You Down…Does anyone know the name and who it’s by?


  4. I think that is really great having 96.3 is the best i love reggaeto specially my baby daddy yankee!!!!!!!!!!!!and nbk

  5. Hey so what did happened to NICO i was @ work and theres no radio which SUCKS cause or else i would be bumping this station ALL DAY!Can anyone PLEASE tell me what happened…

  6. I’m with Mike, Steven and 5000! You guys don’t know how good you have it out there. I grew up in LA listening to KROQ (back when it was cool), KCRW, KXLU, KPFK. Now I live in Austin where the radio is total crap. We have a decent community-owned station and KUT (the Austin version of KCRW), and that’s it. I would kill to have a station like Indie 103.1 out here. Hopefully one day Jonesy’s Jukebox will go into national syndication.

  7. I agree with Elizabeth Don Omar is the best…dont get me wrong I love all of the reggeaton singers, but there are some like Daddy Yankee that only sing about gasolina (songs that only talk about sex. be original and come up with something else…

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