Found Footage Fest comes to L.A.

fff.jpgDon’t know if anyone went last night, but there are two more chances to catch the Found Footage Festival on the Los Angeles stop of its West Coast tour.

If you haven’t seen/heard of FFF already (I found it via Screenhead), its basically a group of people who put together the best/funniest clips from old film and video footage found at garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc.√≥kind of a moving version of L.A.’s own Charles Phoenix’s slide shows.

There are two different programs screening at 8pm via Un-Cabaret at M Bar in Hollywood tonight and tomorrow. Tickets are $10, but that don’t guarantee you no seat unless you make dinner reservations. Yes, kind of a racket, but if the swearing RV salesman is any indication, it should be worth it. (Preview clip viewable via FFF site; requires Quicktime.)

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