Downtown LA Homeless Dump

For any of you who live in Downtown, it will come as no surprise that hospitals and jails routinely drop off people who are no longer under their supervision on the street, often without out shoes or socks. The LA times writes about it and as usual ddgarzila, the Central City East Blogger, is there to call them out on it and add a personal anecdote. Obviously dropping of people fresh from jail or the hospital on the nickel isn’t the best thing for them or for the community, but the question remains what is the right thing to do with them? Would it be so bad to just let them out and give them bus fare?

One thought on “Downtown LA Homeless Dump”

  1. I understand how this sounds (and I’m not so sure I agree with the prison-folk) but I used to work for an ambulance company and we had to do just that. We drove to downtown LA from the OC to drop off a patient at what turned out to be a fake address. He was homeless. So we had no choice but to drop him in the street in his neighborhood. Where else could we? And as for bus fare, it doesn’t seem like much but with SO MANY patients needing it (especially in downtown LA hospitals) it adds up. Quickly! The hospital I work for now doesn’t do Bus or cab vouchers unless its REALLY necessary. After all if they can’t afford bus fare, you KNOW they can’t afford the hospital bill.

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