6 thoughts on “Minotaur From Universal City…”

  1. The sight in the sky was most excellent. What was even more interesting was seeing peoples’ reactions during as I was jogging around the block. Everyone was amazed and had no idea what it was.

    Can anyone explain how the rocket/propulsion created colors in the sky. Is it the chemcials used for propulsion, EM waves….?

  2. Here’s your answer NorCal, courtesy Spaceflight Now via L.A. Observed:

    “The Minotaur’s ascent to reach the desired orbit around Earth was timed perfectly to produce a spectacular “twilight phenomenon” that occurs when rockets or missiles are launched just before sunrise or shortly after sunset. Unburned fuel particles and water drops in the rocket’s contrail freeze in the less dense upper atmosphere and get reflected by sunlight at high altitudes to generate such breath-taking scenes. The winds aloft twist the exhaust cloud, giving it a corkscrew effect.”

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