Howard Stern Talks About The Jet Blue Landing…

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Jet Blue Emergency Landing Discussed. 09/22/05. 6:15am
Howard and the guys talked about the Jet Blue jet that had to make an emergency landing last night after it’s front landing gear got stuck sideways. Howard talked about how he watched the whole thing unfolding on CNN. He said that they have DirecTV on Jet Blue so the people on there could have been watching CNN and if they were, they would have thought they’d surely be dead. He said Paula Zahn was being very negative about the whole thing. Then Larry King came on and had a specialist on who said it wouldn’t be all that bad and no one was going to die. The specialist said that they may have to slide out of the plane on the emergency slides and people may get hurt there. Howard said it was good that the guy came on because the people were on the plane watching what was going on. Howard also heard from Gary that they have this thing called a cockpit camera on Jet Blue so people can watch and hear what’s going on in the cockpit. Gary heard that they left that on through the flight and the passengers were watching that as well.

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Robin said that the passengers had to get into their crash position 4 minutes before the emergency landing actually happened so there were people crying and praying. The guys wondered how they would handle it if they knew they were going to be making an emergency landing. Howard said he couldn’t write a letter to his family or anything like that because he would want to keep his hopes up. He said he would think about trying to have sex with a flight attendant if they knew they were going to die. Gary wondered why he would do it at all because if he lived, then he would have had sex with a stranger. Howard didn’t understand what he was talking about and wondered how he made it out of college. Sal told Gary to get out of there while he tried to get his Baba Booey songs to play. Gary said that if Howard was married, and he had sex with a woman on the plane because he thought he was going to die, he’d be in trouble with his wife. Howard said that even in this hypothetical discussion, Gary is afraid of his wife. Gary said that he’s got a flight tomorrow and it’s a Jet Blue flight. He’s getting on it no problem.

Richard Christy said that he looks for hot chicks when he gets on a flight so he can think about having sex with her if they’re going to crash. The guys told him to make sure he asks first and doesn’t just rape a woman because he thinks he’s going to die. Richard said he would ask first but Robin said it would be horrible to be rejected right before you die.

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  1. haha. I like how the focus transitioned from what to do before a plane crash to having sex with strangers to rape to to rejection.

  2. i remember hearing that – long ago – Pan Am or some carrier had this novel idea to show the take off, as it happened, in the plane (back when there was one movie screen for the cabin, etc). Except once the FAA figures the people on board saw their tail explode or whatever and then they discontinued the practice. maybe that’s an urban airport legend.

    currently, don’t most airlines have one of their audio channels as a “sounds of the cockpit?” i always thought i’d avoid that lest i hear “wtf is that little light?” or something equally unappealing.

    i’m a phobic flyer – so just reading about this gives me fits – but while some on the plane said they’d have felt better without seeing coverage of their possible doom, i think if i saw them kill the directTV i’d figure we were really fucked and start begging folks to knock me out. in this case – sounds like it was a problem airbus has dealt with before and that planes similarly situated have landed safely. but in other situations? good lord, 3 hours in the air wondering . . .


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