Something smells like a turd wrapped in burt hair

Maybe not that that bad, but definitely smelly. I’ve got no first hand info on this but Franklin Avenue and LA Observed are talking about some kind of growing stink in the city. If you can do me a favor, go stick your head outside your window or front door and take a big whiff. Smell anything? Post in the comments where you are and what you do / don’t smell. We’ll get to the bottom of this stench yet!

UPDATE: Tons of reports in the comments.

UPDATE 2: And check out the ads that Google thinks relates to this topic!

27 thoughts on “Something smells like a turd wrapped in burt hair”

  1. Yes! What was that smell last night? In West Hollywood, it smelled like a giant pile of seaweed, not unlike the talking garbage pile on Fraggle Rock, was taking out his month-old trash.

  2. I noticed a mildewy/dirty smell yesterday on Figueroa and 3rd while waiting to get on the 110. Last night, the entire Orsini smelled like garbage. I thought it was just our hallway at first, but it was all over the area. It seems to have seeped into our apartment this morning. mmm… tasty.

  3. Westwood smelled rather “fartsy” yesterday. Some described it as rotting sea water. Was definitely a strong smell.

  4. Santa Monica smeeled like boiled cabbage yesterday, probably turned into a poop smell by the time it got downtown

  5. yesterday during/after the rain Downtown actually didn’t smell like stale urine! Penelope and I were amazed that we could actually smell the food from the different restaurants on our way to the gym.

  6. I was in Miracle Mile and Beverly Hills last night, and I thought it smelled like a cross between Kimchee and the pier.

    Weird. I thought it was just me being mildly insane.

  7. I actually thought a homeless person peed in my car when I first got in it last night in Culver City. Then I realized that it was coming through my vents, from the outside. It definitely smelled like stale pee. My guess is that this is because it hasn’t rained since the spring, so whatever dried up crap is on the ground was suddenly warm, liquid and airborne. Amazing!

  8. I’m in the Bay Area at the moment, so I couldn’t smell anything.

    I was curious, though…Does the title of this entry refer to Burt Reynolds’ toupee? And, wouldn’t he always smell like “a turd wrapped in burt hair?”


    Everytime I drive by the Orsini those damn green chairs on the balconies are in the same exact place as the day it opened. I figured they were lying about people living there.

    Just a little Orsini/smell related issue. BBQ King always smells DAMN good! I think I’m gonna go there tonight!

  10. I thought it was my poor housekeeping, but when I went outside, and later to Hollywood, it was there too.

  11. I live in North Hollywood and the stench was overwhelming…kind of like the locker room smell in high school x 10.

  12. Do the ginkgos have fruit on them yet? It smells like a dead animal when they do. Usually that happens closer to October, but maybe…?

  13. Yes. The smell. Aside from the usual peculiar stank that hangs in the air in Silverlake, on Rowena between Coffee Table and the intersection at Hyperion, I have noticed a rotten stench intermittently this week. Wonder whether the rain washed something up? Smells like old vegetables in a drain. Yuck. And what is that smell on Rowena, anyway? It’s been there for years.

  14. For the last few days, I smelled this. I live off of 3rd between the Grove and the Beverly Center. At first I thought:

    1) An animal died outside my apartment.

    2) I left a sandwich in my car and it had rotted

    3) I stepped in dog shit. I constantly checked the bottom of my shoes.

    4) A passenger, actually a visitor from out of town, had farted in my car while we were driving and was not even polite enough to say “I’m sorry” because the smell was so bad.

    4) Since no one else had mentioned or noticed the smell, I was convinced I had parosmia, a disorder of one’s sense of smell. Parosmia is caused by a brain tumor pressing on the portion of the brain that allows us to smell and creates phantom odors.

    5) Old dead fetid Chumash Indian bodies buried beneath the City of LA were coming up like the Indian phantoms at the end of “Poltergeist” signaling we were on their land and to move away.

    Now, I know, I am not alone.

  15. Hey – I smelled it too – I live in Santa Monica Canyon near the water and I thought maybe there had been a fish kill. But it seemed better today…

    Hey Jack! Small world…

  16. yay! i smell poop!!! someone went oomp oomp!!

    flushed the puppies down the river!! call the haz mat!

    cancel the vet, the pig is alive!

    what the hell, did someone punch grumpy? and did grumpy punch back?

    one more…. burt and ernie smell good!

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