LAFD emergency landing response

I was offline most of the day and didn’t know about the emergency landing that was about to happen when I left the office near LAX this afternoon. When I was driving up the 110 I noticed a LOT of cops racing south, sirens blaring, and wondered what was up. Anyway, I got home and saw the landing on the news, and my god, what a perfect landing (you know, aside from the b0rked wheel and all).

But what I was really impressed with was the response of the firefighters and police. As pal Brian Humphrey points out in the previous thread’s comments, what most people don’t know is exactly how many of these emergency runway standbys they handle every year. It turns out that they average about 217 annually. As someone who flies, on average, 30 round-trips from LAX a year, I am especially grateful for the professionalism and preparedness they demonstrated today. Thanks LAFD!

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  1. Kathleen,

    Thanks for your kind words. The men and women of the LAFD were just doing their job – and like you and I, stand in awe of the skill and focus of the flight crew intimately involved in this and similar incidents.

    ..and there was the rub, bringing forth my personal message about this being a relatively routine occurrence that seems to have brought a good portion of our nation to a standstill due to live media coverage.

    Though I’m off-duty and traveling, I came across television images everywhere I turned, and as you might imagine, my personal cell phone was ringing non-stop.

    Though I don’t take media calls when I am off-duty, I did speak with a few friends. Each and every one was glued to their television, with one going so far as to say that the “parents back-to-school night” planned for this evening would have to be delayed or cancelled… and this from a guy who owns a DVR. Go figure!

    Some things are priceless, especially time with our children. I can only wonder what might happen to our nation’s productivity if someone decides to devote a 24-hour television channel to exclusive coverage of airport standbys.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,


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