La Vida Loca

If there’s anything about modern urban Chicana/o and Latina/o life I know little to nothing about it’s la vida loca (the crazy life). I grew up in the suburbs and even though I did know people involved in gangs, I was never personally affected or worried that I or my brothers or sister would get hassled walking home from school.

In the last few months I’ve learned a lot from a good friend, Hispanic Pundit, who grew up in Compton, the soon to be murder capital of the US. Most of the time HP writes about conservative issues, but he broke away from boring subjects like economics and judicial nominations to give us some personal perspective. He posted an introduction to racial tensions in Los Angeles following the news of brawls between Mexican and African American students at Jefferson High School.

I always find it surprising how very few people know about the significant amount of racial tension that exists in LA. I guess after having lived there most of my life and knowing that everybody around me is aware of it, you just assume other people know as well.

His post (and the ensuing discussion) is worthwhile to read just to gain an understanding of an often misrepresented sub-culture in LA.

3 thoughts on “La Vida Loca”

  1. I just read this earlier in the afternoon. Great post! So much insight, and such a departure from the normal partisan wrestling matches – i had to make sure i was reading the same blog! nice one HP…

  2. What I don’t understand is why would a latino living in Compton of all places would become a republican.

    I lived in Compton for 3 years and it’s nothing like it’s potrayed in the news.

    Try living in Watts. It’s crazee.

  3. That’s an easy answer, I got sick of the empty promises and rhetoric, and wanted results.

    As far as Watts goes, I actually also spent alot of time in Watts. I grew up with some friends who had cousins that were from Watts, so we would go there often.

    Aside from the projects, and the greater than averager potholes, it’s very similar to Compton. In fact, if murder is your definition of ‘crazee’, Compton is much crazier than Watts.

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