Jet Blue Plane forced landing…

I just heard that a Jet Blue plane that took off from Burbank had its landing gear malfunction on takeoff and is now about to make an emergency landing in Long Beach. UPDATE Looks like they are making another trip around Catalina while they are trying to clear a runway for a crash landing. There is live coverage on every LA TV station right now. Here is a link to KCAL 9’s story which also has a live video feed.

UPDATE 2 Luckily everything turned out ok. It looked like the magnesium that the landing gear is made out of caught on fire but once the plane stopped so did the bright white glow of the fire.

5 thoughts on “Jet Blue Plane forced landing…”

  1. Wow. That pilot should get a real medal.

    I mean, a “you did a great job” medal, not one of those George Bush pretend medals that they give out to people who fuck up.

    That was the most beautiful landing I’ve ever seen.

  2. What’s funny is how bad the journalism is. I was flipping between locals and CNN. After the landing, when people were being put on the busses, the locals decided the story was over. Larry King kept rambling, hoping I think, for further drama. He asked if there was any chance it might burst into flames again. No he was told. Will the NTSB investigate? Duh! Are people in need of psychiatric help? No, only you, Larry. Everyone else is just relieved and now bummed that their trip was delayed.

    During the crisis, on air news readers were vamping with whatever little information and conjecture they had. There was talk about them flying over the ocean so they could do a fuel dump. And their was conjecture about foaming the runway. Neither happened. First the plane apparently has no ability to dump fuel. And they don’t often foam the runway if some of the landing gear works. That didn’t stop AP from reporting in a news story that Jet Blue flew over the ocean to dump fuel.

    “The aircraft with landing gear problems had circled the Los Angeles area for more than two hours as the pilots dumped fuel over the ocean and officials tried to determine how to make an emergency landing.”

    Well, no. They just burned off fuel by changing their flight profile by keeping the rear gear engaged and the flaps down, up or whatever to create more drag.

    Journalism is dead.

  3. Off duty at the time, I too had to shake my head at some of the conjecture… including those who spoke with great authority about Firefighters “foaming the runway” …a transient and disproved practice that has not been done for nearly a half-century… as well as the “pending use of the escape chutes” to evacuate passengers, something that was clearly un-necessary.

    What most often stuck out however, was the unwillingness to offer the most powerful commentary of all: well-paced and well-placed silence.

    Then again, it highlights the benefits of a television remote control. One can not only tune the channels as they please, but can just as easily hit the off button.


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